Sunday, February 26, 2017

Monogram P-47 retro build

The Three river IPMS group is having a convention next month.  One of the categories  in pre 80's model.   Think my P-47 qualifies are it is from 1977.  More than like this kit has been sitting in the hobby dungeon since than.   Going to try to do a photo log of the build.  Decals are in the mail.  This are the Thundercal decals.   One of the reason for selecting this decal sheet is that my father in law constructed the field on Saipan.  Lots of storied from him when I got him to talk about.   He the 1st Sgt for the Army engineer battalion.   More later.

Little dirty from age.

1977 date on the instructions

Made in the USA.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

F-51 Korean war pictures

From what I can see the F-51 used during the Korean where pretty abused aircraft.  What I have read these aircraft flew numerous sorties a day.  With very little maintenance, only what was needed to keep the aircraft flying.  Almost all had been painted with silver paint after the second world war.  Spare parts became a problem.  Open air repairs.  Let say it was a major mess.

Note: Most of the cockpits had been painted black on the F-51's.  

  Here are the picture to show how rough the aircraft where.  All pictures are reference and I claim no ownership on them.

Amazing amount dirt from firing the guns.

Note the wear of the wing root.  One can see the prime paint and skin

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Remembering an old friend Dave Boksanski

 As sit here late at night not being able to sleep well.  It came to me the my good buddy pasted away on Valentines day 1983.   Dave was my buddy.  Our family use to get together for dinner.  He was one of the Premier model builder in 60's, 70's and early 80's.   A lot of his aircraft where in the old Scale Modeler Magazines.   This clean sweep at the IPMS Reg 4 regional.

Miss you Boh.  Hard to believe its been 33 years since I seen that great smile.

Some quotes about Dave.

One last thought. Anyone who attended the 1977 IPMS nationals in San
Francisco would have no trouble explaining why that was the best convention ever,especially
the banquet. This area has also been the home to some of the finest modelers in the world including the late, very lamented George Lee and Dave Boksanski.

Happy Modeling
David "Boh" Boksanski.
Anyone remember this incredibly talented, cigar-chomping character?  Heard this story, which might, in fact
be apocryphal:
A modeler wsa bragging about his output to am IPMS chapter in California. Fellow IPMS'ers "Boh" Boksanski
and (the late) Mike Dario then built  AN ENTIRE CARRIER AIR GROUP by the next month's meeting to show the first what output REALLY meant!  Don't know whether THAT was true.... but I personally know
Boh constructed 14 Revell 1/48 109G-10 in little over two week's time.
Anyone have similar "Boh" anecdotes?

David L. Veres

Yes Boh, Mike and another individual did indeed build an entire CAG. Whats more they did it over one weekend,
cleaned out all the decals in the Northern CA to do it.
Boh also took second at the St Louis IMPS Nats ( one before the last) with a Combat F-101.  Couldn't
figure out how he did it, (make the Combat kit look so good). Before he died Mike Dario told me that the rear end
came from a Revell 1/32 F-4.   Creative Modeling.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

1/48 scratch built Noratlas by Renaud Pouge

Here is post on face book Cold war models

Hello everyone,
A few days ago, someone published a picture of a C-135FR expressing regret at not seeing enough transport planes.
I am pleased to present my model of North 2501 Noratlas, a Cold War transport aircraft that served in the French Air Force from 1954 to 1986, as in German Luftwaffe or Hellenic Air Force.
This model is the one that brought me into the world of Cold War planes (before I devoted myself to the allied aircraft of the Second World War).
No, this is not the Heller model in 1/72. This model is fully scratch built in 1/48 scale.
Hope you like it ;