Wednesday, January 31, 2018

P-47 ground attack

I found this picture on the web.  What is interesting is the this P-47 Squadron is using BF-109 drop tanks as napalm tanks.  According to some people of Hyperscale this was because they had run out of Napalm tanks in the supply chain.  So some crew chief figured out a away to Bf-109 tanks.  Hell the tanks where all over the country side.. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

War Eagle "Tulip Nosed" Bf-109 decal sheet

Talk about a Blast from the past.  This sheet was printed in 1992.  The data more than likely is out of date. But the decals are very nice.   From my own collection    More can be found here: Hartmann's last Bf-109  FalkeEins is a great website on the Luftwaffe during WW2

War Eagle Erich Hartmann "Tulip Nosed Bf-109" decal


More to come.

IPMS USA Decal 1982 Convention

Won this set a couple of months back on Ebay.   The plan is to use the new Eduard 1/72 Bf-110 C/D kit.

Image from Luftwaffe Lovers.  Reference only

Eagle Cals sheet can be found here for purchase :Bf-110 decal sheets
Image is from Eagle  decals. Reference only

Note the G is located inboard if the Cross. Unlike the 1982 decal sheet instructions.

Friday, January 12, 2018

War Eagle 1/48 Sea Fury Decal WE4D021

Sorry about the quality of the scans of the instruction sheet.  The original instruction sheets are very light. 

War Eagle Bf-109 G-14 decal sheet WED011 part2

This the complete decal sheet as package in the 1990's.  The sheet was printed by Scale-Master. Ron believe that this  company made a high quality decals.  All the information for the camouflage color where consulted with the Bf-109 experts at that time in the 90's.  As we know now the interpretation of the color has been changed as more information has come to light much later after the decals where printed.  These are approved by my pocket book.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

War Eagles BF109 G-14 decal set WED011 Part 1

It is nice to see the War Eagle decal still being used after all these year.  Too bad Ron had pasted away before this article was published. This is part 1 more to follow

Following by Brett Green

I had an ancient set of War Eagle decals in my collection for many years, and always wanted to use the markings for Black 253, a Bf 109 G-14. I was intrigued but doubtful by the suggested camouflage of RLM 81 Brown Violet and RLM 83 Dark Green. After discussions with artist Anders Hjortsberg, I agreed with his conclusion that the aircraft was most likely finished in RLM 74 and 75 greys.

Link to article Eduard Bf-109 G-14

Brett Green photos and model by him

Monday, January 8, 2018

How to make the Mongram F 4 Phantom intake look better

Got this from a member on the aircraft resource center.  This is his fix to make better looking intake. This will work for both the 1/72 and 1/48 models.  The author is Gene K

I roll/wrap the pattern over a round file handle to shape it, then hold the compressor face in place (or a suitable disk) while gluing. After the duct has dried, trim the indicated inside corners square.
Next, insert the duct from behind by carefully bending the duct top and bottom inward to allow it to slip it through the fuselage opening. Once it's in place, the top and bottom can be "opened" and pressed into place inside the intake for a perfect fit (providing the pattern has been precisely cut).

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Michigan ANG RF-84

The aircraft may have been a pig to flight.  But sure looked good.  Specialty in nature metal finish