Thursday, October 29, 2020


 Two P-51D-15-NA Mustangs of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, sit in alphabetical order within their blast pen at Station # 357 Duxford.

In the foreground is 44-15469 MX-J “Bucephalus” of Lt. William E Hydorn and named after the famous war horse of Alexander the Great. The photo is obviously taken before 9th February 1945 as on that day, Lt. Hydorn managed to shoot down an Me262 air-air, and the victory marking is not yet applied. In the background is 44-15574 MX-I of Lt. Wayne F Bechtelheimer who did not name his Mustang.

The man painting the nose-art onto “Bucephalus” was responsible for doing the nose-art a huge number of 78th aircraft from the unit throughout the war. Thought to have been a sign-writer prior to the war, he had very distinctive lettering style and quality of workmanship. He painted the now iconic P-51D 'Big Beautiful Doll' nose-art that was flown famously by Col. John Landers, but others include 'Frances Dell', 'Eileen', 'Sweet & Lovely', 'Spokane Chief', 'Sherman Was Right !', 'Sabotage Jr', 'Barbara Ann', 'Percey', 'The Green Hornet', 'Flagari', 'Darkie', 'Bad Medicine', 'Isabel', 'Screaming Demon', 'Contrary Mary' name but a few!

This might be the only photo that exists of this wonderful artist actually applying his trade on yet another 78th FG aircraft, but sadly, no-one currently alive from group can remember who he was, and find that extremely sad!

Note the Gray star and bar.  Wonder if this was the pilot or crew chief choice to paint it gray.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Article on the B-26K Invader from the IPMS Journal

 This article a pretty good one.  It is an old IPMS journal article just on the "K".   As most everyone knows this aircraft had gone through upgrades to service in Vietnam.  The wing spare was reinforced. Plus addition hard points on the wing and new internal wing tanks. Mike Byers did an outstanding job and bringing all the information together for this article.


Friday, October 23, 2020


 Thought I would share this one.  Otherwise I would have deleted it.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

KB-50 and KC97 photos

One hardly ever see KB-50 pictures.  This was the pioneer aircraft for inflight refueling.  Don't recall if I have ever seen a built model of the KB-50


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

A F4-EJ build

 The modeler of this F4 has done some great updated to the model.  Sorry the photos are not in sequence because the new blog app is not user friendly.