Monday, April 6, 2020

McDonnell Douglas production for the F4 Phantom.

Just think how busy this plant was making the Phantom.  Now they pretty all gone.  Sad for such a great aircraft.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Building the AMT A-20 by Paul Budzik

Paul has started another series of building a model.   Love his videos, but I wish he would finish a project.  Like the A-26 or Neptune.  More than likely got bored. Or as with the A-26, ICM brought out their kit of the bomber.  Let hope he just finished this one.  Grab you favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Guide to assembly Edward FW-190D

Most of folks that have tried to build this kit have found it is a pain in the butt.  When the kit came out I bought several of them.  Why, because Eduard's kit aare top notch.   I struggled, cursed and cried. Only to find out the fuselage was twisted.    It is on the shelf of doom these day.

  What I'm getting here is Heinz Fang is writing an assembly guide...  Here is the guide to build or assembly a perfect Eduard FW-190D

How I build Eduard’s Fw 190D-9 (1)
Never let my guiding mentor know that I'm not writing a dissertation at the moment, but writing this.
First of all, I don't really recommend the assembly in the order of the instructions, the reason will be explained later. Finally, I will explain my method, if there are other suggestions, please let me know.
Hope this article is helpful to you.
Don't be afraid of the problem, but be afraid of the same problem happening repeatedly.
Eduard's positioning method is different from the PIN method we are used to. He is like an old wooden building without nails in the ancient East. As long as the position of a part is deviated, it will affect the result of the entire finished product.
I do n’t have a model right now, so I use the manual to explain.
At the stage of fuselage assembly, pay attention to STEP A, STEP B, and STEP E. Especially STEP B.
STEP B has two things to note
1. Parts X38, X5 should be consistent with the positioning of the fuselage parts
2. Part X46 should coincide with part R8
3. Pay attention to the position of part X26 .
4. Pay attention to the positions of parts X3 + W6 and X10 + W5 .
If the position is inadvertent, you can only rub off the interference to match other parts.
See the photo for the method of closing the gun hatches.
( To be continue...)

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

F-86 resin wing update by Cutting edge

Over the years I have purchased several resin update sets.  The best would be Scobie-doo's put of Canada.  But these have disappeared.  The original owner sold the set to Kiwi Resin.  Which has been out  production for years.  Jennings Heilig did a great article on hyperscale of F-86 wings :Sabre wings

First one I will review is the Cutting edge set.  This was one of the early conversion for the F-86.  It is complicated.   Plus one needs good modeling skills.

Here is very good link to F-86 Pilots association Sabre Pilots

191ST Fig F4-C/D camouflage schemes

Have been meaning to post these view of the Six Pack Phantoms.   From 1983 to 1995 I was the maintenance controller for 191St.  Col Skip Kimberly called me into his office. Knowing that I was a modeler and aircraft historian he give a tasks.   I was to provide Tom Wagner as much history as I could get on these phantoms.   As we had all the aircraft aircraft logs.  All the information was to be organized as  were the aircraft where overhaul, what  units we came from. Plus answers Tom question.  I knew Tom from the Warren Chapter of the IPMS.   Tom was a great modeler. Also he several  articles for the IPMS magazines.   This part of the article appeared in the 1987 spring issue.  Not long after this we had been to prepare for F16A's from Moody AFB. 

It should be noted one of the aircraft had McClellan AFB scheme.  While two more had Hill AFB schemes F4-D schemes.   I do not a have a picture of the McClellan scheme.  Also if you look closely you will see the markings kind of evolved.  From a large chevron to two chevron before the final configuration was picked.   As the F4 D's came back from depot overhaul the all had been modified to have F-15 center line tank that didn't have G restrictions.  During 1987 to 1998 the unit had about 38 different F4 D's process through us.  Some ended up in Oregon (Portland) other to Califorina  (Fresno). 

Reference Selfridge 1922-1984  Part 3 by Michael Petiprin & Tom Wagner.  Sadly Tom has pasted away