Sunday, August 30, 2020

Mike Ashley's modeling tips

 Now talk about a breathe of fresh air..  No ego, just straight modeling tips.  Mike has published modeling guides and now a video series.   The series is not bad.   But you decide for your self.  Here is video number one.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

How to make 400 gal A4 tanks

 Here is a simple quick fix to my your wing tanks look good,

IPMS Canada "Buzz Beurling Scale Modelers.

 Found this great Canadian Modeling site.   IPMS "Buzz: Beurling Scale Modelers". The site is a wealth of model tips and information on the RCAF,  

Take a look here: The Buzz Beurling Scale Modelers

About IPMS "Buzz" Beurling

We are one of several model clubs in and around Toronto, and one of two IPMS/Canada chapters (strangely enough, the other one is called "IPMS Toronto"). [For those of you from south of the border, or who are just interested, here is a link to the IPMS/USA web page.]

After some thought during the initial meeting, back in 1976, and since the name "IPMS Toronto" was already taken, it was decided to name the chapter after "Buzz" Beurling, a Canadian fighter pilot and ace, during the Second World War.

After a hiatus from the IPMS Canada fold for a number of years, the club has, again, rejoined IPMS Canada as a chapter.

Although a elatively small group, the chapter does keep busy with appearances at annual displays, and helping to sponser model competitions. Membership isn't confined to the Toronto-area. Several members come from well outside the Toronto boundries.

Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday. Dave Brown, of Hornet Hobbies, has been kind enough to offer us room to meet in his store, where we can hold i the meetings - having meetings IN a hobby store is great, but can provide temptation to devate from one's current project...

``Buzz'' meetings are about as informal as you will find. We typically bring along something to build (or make Dave happy by picking up something from the store shelves), or just plain chat about models.

At some point, during the day, we manage to cover any chapter matters (like how's the weather, and what shade of plastic tastes best...), but most importantly, just enjoy each other's company, while doing a little modeling.

If you're in the area, we invite you to drop in and see what we're about!

For more information on the club, including annual dues, joining, and where to meet, you can email :

Chosing the correct wingpattern for a Bf109G-6 by "The Profile paintshop"

 The article belt is from the "The profile Paint shop"  The Profile Paint shop"

Chosing the correct wingpattern for a Bf109G-6

The Bf109G-6 was manufactured at three different factories in Germany (and one in Hungary which is outside the scope of this post), each with a distinct style of camouflage that can often quite easily be identified with a little help from other their distinguishing marks. Identifying which factory an aircraft stems from will help pick the correct camouflage pattern for the wings, something that both model companies as well as decal companies are getting wrong, constantly. The profiles has been made to highlight the important main differences. There were many more subtle differences between different batches but that will not be dealt with here, this is supposed to be a rough guide only. 

(Click the pictures for higher resolution versions!)

Messerschmitt Regensburg aircraft can be recognized by the wavy, scalloped demarcationline along the spine which goes down below the canopy, combined with a sort of banded mottle in colors 02, 75 and 74. These aircraft have the same basic camouflage pattern as in 1940! 

WNF aircraft are closest to the official specs for the camouflage pattern. The demarcation line on the spine is more straight, with an even, often soft, mottle. Most noticeable on WNF aircraft is the pattern on the spine with the 74 further back leaving the canopy in 75. The wingpattern is sometimes very angular and sometimes a little softer. Notice both ailerons in 75, breaking the pattern.
Erla aircraft have the most distinct markings and pattern of them all. On these, the canopy is in 74 but the plate in front of the windscreen is very often in 75 leaving a "gap" of 75 between the 74 on the windscreen and enginecowling. Also very distinct is the spotty mottle, very typical for Erla. The crosses on the undersurfaces of the wings has the thin black outline which neither Mtt Regensburg nor WNF aircraft does. Erla built aircraft carries the sawtoothed camouflage pattern. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Sad Day for Model builder. Bill Koster has been placed in Hospice today

 This is off the monograph modeler face book page.

  Bill pictures below with all his kits he designed.  Plus his creation from Koster Aero Modelling

Bill with his vacuumed formed kits

Some sad news about a modeling icon. Bill Koster will be under hospice care starting tomorrow. He has cancer. Bill fought the disease once before but he could win this battle. He took a fall on 8/22 and has been hospitalized since then. His wife Devorah wishes to let all his modeling friends know. He, of course , was an special person to us modelers. especially those of us who grew up with Monogram Models. He was also a vacform pioneer. But for me personally he was also a fellow draftsman / designer as well as a friend. This information was kindly provided by Ed Nowak a fellow modelling friend of Bill's.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Eduards BF-109G special "Wilde Sau" Episode one: Ring of Fire.

 This Eduard special release is based on Neil Page research into this unit.  Neil has a great Luftwaffe blog Flake Eins. Here is the link to his blog: Falke Eins Blog

Saturday, August 22, 2020

MIANG T-33 over the years.

 Michigan Air Guard had quite a few T-bird over the  here are a few. 

Also 191St  T-33 Crew Chief.

Aaron Doty

Mike Elward

Cliff  Dunlap

Mike Galea

Msgt Torrey

Doug Fiman

Cass Maciejewski

Image may contain: airplane and outdoor, text that says 'TR-683'

Image may contain: airplane and outdoor, text that says '70714 70714 U.S AIRFORCE A 0714'

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Making wet transfer using a laser print


Looks like an interesting way to make decals

Hobby Special new releases Sept/August 2020


Novinky Special Hobby a CMK Kits

    At the beginning of the August newsletter, I must return to what happened at our company in July. As you may have noticed on our blog, one brand new and one new press was installed in our press shop, in exchange for two old and worn ones. Photos from the press exchange are on our blog. The new presses will contribute not only to faster production, but also to the higher quality of our models.
    In July, however, we also bought MPM / MK72 molds. During the autumn of this year, the top models Marder II, Sd.Kfz 250 Alte Ausführung, Sd.Kfz 250 Neue Ausführung and Sd.Kfz 10 (Demag 7) in 1/72 scale will appear in the Special Armor model line.
   We are working hard on the 32nd Westland Whirlwind Mk.I and DH.82 Tiger Moth models, on the Mirage III / V 1/72 model line. The SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 1/72 model is also close to implementation. In September, we will launch the first resin sets for 1/48 DH.82 Tiger Moth (Airfix kit).
A. Riedel


SAAB B-5 ‘Swedish Dive Bomber’

   The American Northrop A-17 dive bomber was not only included in the USAAF armament, but also became a successful export product before the Second World War. Sweden has also bought an all-metal modern low-flying aircraft, among other countries. Respectively, it purchased a production license. However, the Swedish Air Force required the installation of a British Mercury engine and the possibility of installing skis for winter operation. 
   The model was created in the same way as the original by modifying the A-17 machine. It therefore contains resin parts, a vacuum-formed cabin and two etching plates, painted and uncolored. The decals are offered by three Swedish machines in different types of camouflage.

  • decals for three Swedish machines in different types of camouflage
  • contains resin parts and colored and uncoloured etchings
  • alternative types of landing gear, wheels / skis, aircraft flew with both types.
More information

Vega Lady Lindy

   In the early 1930s, Lockheeed Vega became the star of long-haul flights, record flights and the rapid transport of passengers and goods. Vega became an airplane that flew around the world. She also entered the world of women's records. Several women flew to Vega, the most famous being Amelia Earhart. She became the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic in solo flight. The Red Vega with gold accessories also served her to break the transcontinental record (US flight from one coast to another). This Vega is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

  • very interesting record machine
  • decals Cartograph with gold color
More information

Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I 'WWII Service'

   During World War II, the RAF and FAA commissioned the Sea Otter amphibious biplane. The successor to the famous Walrus became the last biplane of the Supermarine company and also the last biplane introduced into the service of the RAF and FAA. It was used for reconnaissance and rescue operations.
  Four frames of plastic parts, a frame of clear parts, etchings and resin parts are the content of this model. The decals are offered by three FAA machines, one operating in the Pacific, two in Europe.

  • model of a British flying amphibious boat
  • decals offers three British machines from the period of World War II. of war
  • contains resin parts and etchings
More information

British Post-war Underwing Armament

   A frame containing plastic parts of two bombs with hangers and four pairs of rockets designed for various British aircraft from the end of World War II and the post-war period.

  • universal armament of British aircraft from the period 1945/55
More information



P-39/P-400 Airacobra Mask

Spray mask for P-39 / P-400 Airacobra models of all versions from the production of Special Hobby and Revell cover. In addition to clear parts, it also contains masks for spraying wheel discs.

More information



Hawker Hunter F.6 Flaps Correction Set

   The Airker Hawker Hunter model has separate flaps, but they completely lack internal construction. Our set offers new flaps prepared in a combination of etched and cast parts.

More information

Hawker Hunter F.6A/F.9 Flaps Correction Set

   The Airker Hawker Hunter model has separate flaps, but they completely lack internal construction. Versions F.6A and F.9 used new, larger auxiliary tanks. Therefore, the dampers were given a larger cutout and the internal structure was changed. Our set offers new flaps prepared in a combination of etched and cast parts.

More information

Hawker Hunter F.58 Flaps Correction Set

   The Airker Hawker Hunter model has separate flaps, but they completely lack internal construction. The export version of the F.58 had flaps with a different internal design than the RAF machines. Our set offers new flaps prepared in a combination of etched and cast parts.

More information

F-104G/J Starfighter Cockpit with C2 Ejection Seat

   The F-104 Starfighter has long become the most widespread fighter in the NATO and other air forces in many parts of the world. Two types of seats were installed in the Starfighters. This set contains resin and etched parts improving the cockpit with a C-2 seat. The seat is cast with belts. Designed for the Kinetic model.

More information

F-104G/S Starfighter Cockpit with MB.7 Ejection Seat

   The F-104 Starfighter has long become the most widespread fighter in the NATO and other air forces in many parts of the world. Two types of seats were installed in the Starfighters. This set contains resin and etched parts improving the cockpit with the GRU MKk.7 seat. The seat is cast with belts. Designed for the Kinetic model.

More information

F-104 Starfighter Port Side Cannon Installation

    The F-104 versions of the G / J were armed with a Vulcan rotary cannon. The detailed set offers an open box with a set of rotating barrels. The set contains etchings. Designed for the Kinetic model.

More information

Three Pilot figures, each in different gear: Great Coat, Flying Suit, Breeches

   For the new model Heinkel He 162 Special Hobby, we have prepared figures of three Luftwaffe officers. Each figure is dressed differently, one in a coat, one in a uniform and one in a pilot jumpsuit with a parachute attached. The figures were created according to a photograph of pilots standing in front of the Heinkel He 162.

More information

A-20 Dinghy

Rescue boat located behind the pilot in the back of the hull under the hinged canopy

More information


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