Sunday, May 27, 2018

1/48 Privateer from the 2017 nationals

The builder used the old Cutting Edge conversion kit.  I wish I could do this.

Ben Fulcher’s Gorgeous 1/48 PB4Y-2 Privateer – Winner of the "Best Aircraft" Trophy at the 2017 IPMS-USA National Convention

Thursday, May 24, 2018

True North Precision Paints

You will know that I have a link to True North Precision Paint near the bottom of the page.  I placed that link so I would forget about this paint.  The paint was a topic on hyperscale because the claim is the the paint won't peel off with tape. 

Here is a response from a member on Hyperscale.

Hi Gary,

I bought 4 bottles, flat black, Glossy Sea Blue, and 2 ADC Greys. I brush painted the flat black, and airbrushed it on test model. Great coverage, dried smooth, did not pull of when masking tape was pulled up - I thinned with MM airbrush thinner , then later with lacquer thinner, both worked fine. Smelled like old school Pactra!. The real test will be next month, when I paint my F-102 with the ADC Grey!

Scott Copeland

Also on facebook I found a modeler that used the Navy Gull grey.  To me it looks good.,

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Toledo IPMS "1996" special decal printed by War Eagle

This was a special decal for the Region 4 convention in Toledo.

War Eagle 1/48 F-89C decals

Here is the sheet that featured the 127th Michigan ANG F-89C .   Both units had these fighter for a short time.   The F89 had been turned in for RF-84 before the unit transferred to Selfridge AFB, MI is Mt Clemens.

Not sure if the decal had been released for sale.  Ron give them to me when he had the decals printed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

War Eagle 1/48 Mig 17 plastic kit

Here is the much talked about Mig 19 by Hobby craft.  Not a bad kit.  It is a shame the Hobbycraft screwed it up when they made the molds.

Monday, May 21, 2018

More War eagle finished models

War eagle decals. model by Gil Hodges

Another picture of Gil Hodges F-100f conversion

Sunday, May 20, 2018

War Eagle F-100f build up in Michigan ANG colors.

I have to thank the guys on Hyperscale for coming up with photos of  Ron's conversion that have been built.  Ben Brown posted this photo today 20 May 2018.   Also check out Gil Hodges F-100F in natural metal scheme.   Gils model here:  All natural metal F-100f.

Nice Michigan 127th  F-100F

Model and Photo by Ben Brown.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to strip a nose cone

I hope I'm not too late to the party.  If I may, I'd like to tell you how I do multi-color spinners.
First, like the previous posters said, paint a white base coat.  On that, spray the lighter of the two colors.  After that, I mark the demarcation lines with a fine line.  

Then, I use regular ol' electrical tape...

Cut into very fine strips.

The reason I like to use electrical tape is because it stretches a bit more, and is a bit more forgiving, than other types of "paper" tape.
Once my strips are cut, I cut one end at a sharp angle before I lay it down. I find that the sharp angle helps elinimate a "step" when you lay the finishing end of the tape over the starting end.

If necessary, after your strips are laid down, you can "fill-in" the rest of the area that needs to be masked with any other masking medium you like.

Just to give you an idea of how well this method works for me, here are some of the spinners on a few of my Mustangs.

Hope this helps.  If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer 'em for ya.  Good luck!

War Eagle 1/48 B-57 decals.

Most of Ron's decal had been made by scale master.  At that time in the modeling industry was one of the best decal company's.    War Eagle decals have stood the test of time.

Excellent model Boyd.

Here is what Boyd Waether said today.

Although I used Lone Star Models 1/48th scale RB-57A resin conversion kit (combined with the Airfix B-57B Canberra), I did use Ron's decals on the model. Nearly 30 years old, the decals went on fine.  I did have to use quite a bit of Solvaset to get them to snuggle down into the panel lines.

Boyd Waechter

model and photo by Boyd Waecther

War Eagle 1/48 Arado 234 Jet bomber

This was one of series of plastic kits released by Ron as a joint venture with Hobby Craft.   A review can be found  by a member of the Indianans AMPS :Arado 234 Bomber

War Eagle F-16 Ohio ANG decals

 Below are the Two decal sheet for the Ohio ANG F-16 units out of Toledo and Springfield, Ohio. Also show is the aircraft the decal was based off of.

Photo and model by John Mitchell

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Blast from the past. War Eagle Sea Fury decals.

A few days  one of Hyperscales members posted about the War Eagle decals.  It is great to see some many people remembering buying and using War Eagle products.   That why I created the War Eagle items.   In a why is a way to Remember Ron.   His love of the hobby and aircraft.  Plus he was one hell of a nice guy.   I wish he was still around to read this comment.

Bit of a blast from the past seeing the old War Eagle Sea Fury sheet.
On of the options was VW.623 of 805 Squadron RAN. It was the very first aircraft I worked on in the RAN after joining VC-724 Squadron
in 1980 (I soon managed to skulk away from the Sea Fury and get my mitts on the Sea Venom on the other side of the shed, but that's a
whole different story)
Long story short, 623 had spent many years as a gate guard at HMAS Albatross and had suffered a very bodgy restoration at some stage
which included painting very nice but completely wrong side numbers (USN style instead of proper RN style) and losing 90% of the internal
War Eagle did a brilliant job of reproducing this scheme, might not be accurate but capture a unique moment in that aircrafts history.
Steve Long

Former RANFAA A-4G/TA-4G Maintenance
Supervisor, Camden Museum of Aviation.

Passing interest in Sea Venom's

Sunday, May 13, 2018

War Eagle 1/48 F-100F conversion for Monogram kit

This was one of War eagles  popular kits.  The master for the conversion was made by the late Dave "Boh"  Boksanski. I remember Dave working on in his man cave.   Boh like F-100's a lot. This as a simple quick conversion he created in about a day.  I still can see him flying the model making jet sounds...   There is a great article by Gil Hodges on building the conversion on  Hyperscale.  The article  can be found here: F-100f by Gil Hodges 2004

Model and photo by Gil Hodges