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F-4C-19-MC s/n 63-7534 "Defiance II"

F-4C-19-MC s/n 63-7534

*1964: USAF 15th TFW.
*1968: USAF 4453rd CCTW.  Cam Rahn Bay
*USAF 366th TFW.
*1969: USAF 557th TFS (12th TFW).
*USAF 347th TFW.
*1971: USAF 4453rd CCTW.
*1971-73: USAF 58th TFTW.
*1973-78: USAF 57th FIS.
*1978: Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*Currently preserved at the Selfridge Museum, MI. 

191st Fig crew chiefs   John Bullis/ later Jake Williams

63-7534    This aircraft was delivered to the 15thTFW at MacDill in Aug 1964, she was transferred to the 4453rd at DM in April 1968. She was at Da Nang with the 366th, then at Cam Rahn Bay with the 12TFW. She then joined the 347th at Yakota and then returned to DM and the 4453rd in Feb 1971. She was transferred to the 58th TFTW at Luke in July of 71 and in 1973 she was sent to Keflavik, Iceland and the 57th FIS. In June 78 she joined the Michigan ANG and the 191th FIG where she was known as "Defiance II". She now rests at the Selfridge Museum.

At this time John Bullis was still a crew chief. Later he became the flight chief at Seymour Johnson

Crew Chief Jake Williams
Photo credit Ed Gumko

Jake is the african american. He always had a great smile.  Jake passed away in 2019.  He also was one of the members of the Squadron Honor Guard.

Airshow at Selfridge.  Photo added 03/16/2020

Static Display Photographer unknown

F-4C-16-MC s/n 63-7436

F-4C-16-MC s/n 63-7436

*USAF 4453rd CCTW.
*USAF 58th TFTW.
*1976-78: USAF 57th FIS.
*1984-85: Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*1986: Oregon ANG 123rd FIS.
*1986: Converted to GF-4C.
*1986: Assigned as a ground trainer to Sheppard AFB, TX.
*10/1989: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
*6/1999: Salvaged. 

191st FIG Crew Chief  Richard "The Rev" Anderson  update 9-28-2020
Photo  Smsgt Jim Koglin

Photo by Jim Koglin

436 just back from depot.  photo added 3/7/2021

Photo Gerrick Kok Oct 1976

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F-4C-15-MC s/n 63-7418

F-4C-15-MC s/n 63-7418

*1967-71: USAF 4454th CCTS (4453rd CCTW).
*USAF 58th TFTW.
*Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*1981-86: Indiana ANG 113th TFS.
*5/1987: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard. Or in 5/1975?
*3/1995: Salvaged. 

F-4C 63-7418 was assigned to the unit in January 1964 to serve as the "lead-the-force" aircraft, that is, an aircraft that flies an accelerated schedule to evaluate the aircraft and it's diferent systems sooner that would be possible under normal scheduling conditions. While assigned to the unit 63-7418 was the first USAF F-4 to reach 1,000 flight hours, the first to reach the 2,000 flight hour mark (circa December 1967), via approximately 1,200 missions--the equivalent of flying non-stop for 83 days during which the aircraft traveled 1,000,000 miles / 1,609,300 km (40 trips around the globe). Making the 2,000th flight hour was Lt. Col. John C. Holley, 4455 CCTS Commander, pilot, with the aircrafts's crew chief, non-pilot Sgt. Herbert Bencosky.

 18 MAY1987 AMARC received from 196th TRS/163rd TRG March AFB, CA
181 FIG  AUGUST 1984

Davis Monthan  AFB

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F-4C-19-MC s/n 63-7529 "Trussst Me"

F-4C-19-MC s/n 63-7529

*USAF 4453rd CCTW.
*USAF 58th TFTW.
*1968: USAF 559th TFS (12th TFW).
*1975-78: USAF 57th FIS.
*1982: Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*1986-88: Oregon ANG 114th TFTS.
*12/1988: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
*9/1998: Salvaged.

191St Crew Chief  Gerry Hanna/Walter Paschick

Additional Note from Ed Gumbko about William tell markings. 
That was a photo of it at William Tell and I crewed it when it was there. Gerry Hanna was the regular Crew Chief

191st Pilot  Major Gene Solignac

Photo by Phil; Gable   Willian Tell 1982
Photo Credit Ed Gumbko

Photo credit Ed Gumbko

photo added 03-16-2020

Series on 191st Fig F-4C where did they come from where did they go. 63-7460 "Puff the magic dragon"

 Have always thought is would be interesting to know where the 191st FIG F-4C came from.  They F-106 that had created the name "Six Pack" was after the 20mm gun pack.   The name made the unit stand out.    The first aircraft profile will be 63-7460.

 USAF 4453rd CCTW.
*1973: USAF 58th TFW.
*1973-78: USAF 57th FIS.
*1978: ADWC.
*1981: Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*1987-88: Oregon ANG 114th TFTS.
*12/1988: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.

Crew Chief Jack Lockran

Jack is in the bottom row 2nd in on the right.

assed photo 10/30/2022

ADC 9-27-1978 Photo by Peter Foster
460's weapons crew at William.  On the left is Jim Flisnik.  Jim passes away on April 23,2020. Funny guy .

added 3/24/2021

F-4C-20-MC s/n 63-7610

F-4C-20-MC s/n 63-7610

*USAF 559th TFS (12th TFW).
*USAF 80th TFS (347th TFW).
*USAF 35th TFS (3rd TFW).
*USAF 479th TFW.
*USAF 58th TFTW.
*Michigan ANG 171st FIS.
*7/1986: Assigned as a battle damage repair trainer to RAF Lakenheath, England.
*5/1996: Salvaged. Sept 1986

191st FIG crew Chief Ken Szymanski

610 in the back ground, in transit to Lakenheath 

Luke AFB 58th TFTW Oct 1977