Friday, January 11, 2019

Condors History

Focke-Wulf Fw 200 C-1 Tranøyfjorden, Dyrøy Troms

1./I./KG 40 WNr.?? F8+BH* 29.05 1940
Took off from Aalborg West in Denmark. On their return leg, after a bombing raid on the power plants at Simavik and Skarsfjord when they were attacked by Hurricanes of 46th. Sqdn.(P/O Neville Banks) based at Bardufoss. The aircraft crashed into the fjord and sank. Two of the six man crew were soon after found dead in the sea. 1.Pilot Lt.Otto Freytag. Oblt. Günther Thiel. Ofw. Heinrich Ruthmann. Ofw. Willi Rieker. Uffz. Franz Seelbach. Gefr. Manfred Stephani. They are all, except from Gfr.Stephani, buried at Narvik Cemetery. source: Knut Larsson.

Fw 200C-3/U4 Condor Hommelvik, Sør-Trøndelag
7.staffel III gruppe KG 40 F8+BR WNr.0063 22.02 1942
Took off from Vaernes airfield at 08:09. Their target were ships on the east coast of Iceland. Nine hours and 44 minutes later, they ditched into Stjørdalsfjord due to a malfunctioning of the flaps when approaching Vaernes. Crew survived. Pilot Oblt. Werner Thieme. 
2nd pilot Wolfgang Tonn. Ofw.Leo Ludorf (mechanic). Karl Kiessling (1st radio operator). Ogefr. Klaus Kappes (2nd radio operator).
Gefr. August Kaufmann (air gunner).

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