Thursday, June 8, 2023

B-50 conversion latest update.

 As you can see Gil has been hard at work. The caption are Gil's.

As you can see by the large clear areas, which are where I used superglue as a filler, the fit of the tanks was terrible. However, the fit of the pylons to the tanks and to the wings is superb! Note the wire pins added.

I added a sheet plastic "seat" below the new resin tail because I think I cut the fuselage just a bit on the low side. Gel super glue was used to glue it in place, fill the numerous gaps, and then everything was sanded and rescribed,
Except for some final sanding, priming, and correcting problems, the major fuselage work is done.
The bomb bay doors were added in the closed position before the fuselage was joined together. The resin part is the larger B-50 belly radar dome.
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The nose glazings were carefully superglued in place, then sanded and polished. The masks are from Eduard. Apoxy Sculp was used to blend in the top turret seat. It'll need some more final sanding to shape tomorrow.


  1. What are you planning to end up with a B-50D or a conversion to a KB-50J ? I wanted a KB-50J in 1/144,but that later clear nose stumped me. Either way keep up thge fine work.

  2. This is Gil Hodges build. He is building a B-50